Our Funding Opportunities

At Hanfod Cymru, we operated three funding programmes. Unfortunately as a result of Loteri Cymru CIC’s decision to call in administrators in March 2018, the Hanfod Cymru Trustees have decided that the charity will close in summer 2019 once it has fulfilled all its statutory duties. It will distribute no further grants. Hanfod Cymru has no links with Sterling Lotteries who acquired the Loteri Cymru name in May 2018.

Small Grants

This grant offered sums from a few hundred pounds up to £10,000 on a one-off basis.

Applications are made via our online form, and we will ask for certain supporting documents depending upon the nature of your request. These will usually include a copy of your organisation’s constitution, accounts or other financial information and, where relevant, details of your arrangements for safeguarding children and/or vulnerable adults. Please read the application guidance notes before filling in your application form.

In most cases we will aim to reach a decision based on this information. However, we reserve the right to seek clarification and/or additional information if that will help us in our decision making.

We would encourage you to complete the application form. However, if you want an overview of the questions we are asking before completing the form, please look at the attached PDF file.

If completing the online form is difficult for you please contact us by email and we will arrange an alternative method that suits your needs.  Details can be found on Contact Us.

Main Grants

These grants offered sums of between £10,000 and £75,0000 – and may be phased over one, two or three years.

Strategic Grants

Each year we will aim to award a small number of Strategic Grants of between £75,000 and £200,000 for projects of particular significance and impact.

In all cases grants will be available for revenue funding as well as for some elements of capital and equipment.