About Us

Hanfod Cymru is a national charitable fund exclusively for Wales, to strengthen community life in Wales.

Our aim was to support local projects, the length and breadth of Wales. As a generalist grant maker we will seek to reflect the needs and demands of those who apply to us but we will have an initial emphasis on general social needs, on the arts and creativity, and on educational projects.

We structured our grant making in order to be able to respond to small community projects needing relatively modest sums, as well as to larger and more strategic ventures aimed at making a significant difference to people’s lives.

Unfortunately as a result of Loteri Cymru CIC's decision to call in administrators in March 2018, Hanfod Cymru lost its only source of income and so the Trustees have decided that the charity will close in summer 2019 once it has fulfilled all its statutory duties. It will distribute no further grants. Hanfod Cymru has no links with Sterling Lotteries who acquired the Loteri Cymru name in May 2018.

We are established as an independent charity
number 1172179 .

Our People

Deris Williams


Deris has worked in the field of grass roots community development for many years, including 21 years as Chief Executive of Menter Cwm Gwendraeth. She has particular expertise in brokering partnerships between the voluntary, public and private sectors. She brings a wealth of experience which has received recognition both locally and nationally.

Wayne Crocker

Director of Mencap Cymru

Wayne Crocker JP is the Director learning disability charity Mencap Cymru. He has over 25 years’ experience in the third sector and is a passionate advocate for removing stigma and empowering disabled young people in order to shape the Wales in which they want to live.

He is a former Chair of Dolen Cymru-Lesotho and of the Learning Disabilities and Criminal Justice Group in Wales. He sits as a Magistrate on the Gwent Bench.

Shereen Williams

Local Government Officer covering Newport and Monmouthshire

Shereen Williams is a Local Government Officer covering Newport and Monmouthshire. She has an established profile for her interfaith activities, efforts to tackle violence against women and forced marriage, and supporting the integration of newly-arrived communities. She has been recognised for her community development work, as well as her prominent role to strengthen community cohesion and challenge extremism. Originally from Singapore, she has made her home in Wales with her young family.

Jonathan Jones

Jonathan Jones is well known as the former Chief Executive of the Wales Tourist Board and Visit Wales, and as Director of the Welsh Government Office in London. Few people know Wales better than Jonathan, who has wide experience of working with businesses and local community initiatives alongside international marketing.

John Watkin

John Watkin has worked world-wide in the field of television production for many years, while always retaining a deep personal involvement in communities and causes in Wales. Living in Ceredigion, he brings the board particular understanding of rural Wales.

Geraint James


Geraint has over twenty-five years of experience as a Chartered Accountant. He has been Finance Director of the Wales Tourist Board and worked at the National Botanic Garden of Wales where he began to specialise in charities. He has extensive experience as a Trustee, and grant distribution processes.

Siôn Brynach

Chief Executive Officer

Siôn Brynach is Hanfod Cymru’s Chief Executive. Siôn succeeds Marc Phillips, the interim Chief Executive who was responsible for establishing the charity. Siôn has almost a quarter of a century of experience in the spheres of communication, governance and stake-holder consultation as a result of his work with BBC Cymru Fyw, the BBC Trust, British Gas and the Church in Wales where he was press officer to the Archbishop of Wales and communication team leader. In the past he has been a parent-governor at Ysgol Treganna Cardiff, and trustee of the charities CTNW, LATCH, and Dolen Cymru-Lesotho.